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l-carnitine apple vinegar

l-carnitine apple vinegar
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Model: 0.48g/grain * 30 capsules
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l-carnitine apple vinegar Natural ingredients to prevent new fat cells cider vinegar a heap in the body also has played an important role. Fat burning body needs energy to be adults, and this is just a biological reactions, so that not only quickly switched to the abdomen, Hips, reaching and a big fat leg blood circulation, that is, any side effects is the most natural and hailed in modern medicine, fastest weight impact on the material side effects.

L-carnitine, vitamin BT, is a type of vitamin a is the main food source of red meat carnitine and l-carnitine, the main task of which is to promote the conversion of fat for energy. Taking l-carnitine in the body fat, lower body weight at the same time, reduce, reduce water and muscle, is a powerful, completely without loss of weight supplements side effects.

Burn fat, lipids metabolism in acceleration.
Avoid fat, weight loss, slimming.
Clear drain fat, toxins in the body, moistening.
Smooth skin, weight loss and Detox beauty.
Regulation of blood lipids, improve blood circulation, soften blood vessels of the heart-vascular disease prevention selgrookumeruste.
To increase the body's vitality, relieve fatigue, postpone aging.

Ingredients: l-carnitine, Apple tree cellulose, stearic acid, yeast, sorbic acid, and magnesium.

Health: lose weight, Detox

On the basis of a suitable crowds: obesity, skin, fat, all types of obesity

Unsuitable crowds: infants and children, pregnant women, or prepare for pregnant and breastfeeding women

The use and usage: orally, once a day, one at a time, warm water before breakfast swallows

Specification: 0.03 g/grain * 30 capsules

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