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New 2012 pink granada grape fruit slim capsule

New 2012 pink granada grape fruit slim capsule
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Model: 400 mg x 30 capsules
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* New 2012 pink granada grape fruit slim capsule*

This list is weight loss 1 box of 30 capsules, waist, hips, stomach, arms and thighs fat reduction.

* All natural ingredients, no side effect

* Develop and fat burning

*GMP product description this product according to standard production intake heat control of traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive adjustment functions, may account for the human body, the principle of activating blood circulation, it will not affect your normal nutrient absorption. Consider this product seven days, you will find the waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs of fat loss. Your metabolism reduces fat, and better fulfill their toxins. To lose weight and you better fitter you.

(The main ingredient): lemon, pectin fruit, bitter gourd, papaya, radish fruit, benefits of Spirulina

(Specification): 400 mg x 30 capsules

(Usage and dosage): before breakfast or breakfast and 1 capsule a day

(Storage): in a dark room (room temperature) to store in a dry and cool conditions.

(Shelf life): considerations for age 24 months: 16--65 years of target groups: this product is not successful people overweight or obese and have tried other methods of losing weight.

Note: this product is not suitable for children, pregnant women, the heart condition of any person. High blood pressure and diabetes.

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